Change is beautiful

Every change is an opportunity to learn more analyse more create more or fly more , sometimes change is indeed because change is beautiful you may learn new things by changes but sometimes you felt broken because of this change but it’s not necessary that you fall down ,you still have an option to run if can’t than walk if can’t walk too than crawl because every change demands a different you !!!!

Because a great scientists described 

” Every action has equal and opposite reaction” 

It depends on you ,positive action gives positive reaction

While negative one can break you from negativity !


The smell of winter’s 

The smell of last winters shattered in the balcony,, 

I played the songs, that touched my wounds, 

It was almost the same feeling as following winters, 

It brings up the memories, I buried years ago…. 

And I felt the same broken pieces of me bleeding again, 

I was in devastating state,, and the smell of winter’s gave me goosebumps, 

I tried, I cried but I can’t stop the pain from growing.. 

Everytime I surrender to my memories,

I want to brainwash myself I want to wash away all the feelings…. 


The winter smell’s are same 
Souls may differ, but memories are same….!!!!! 

It’s over

I looked so blank, 

It rans out of my hand 

Like a sand that took time to stand! 

I can’t do, felt like I’m trapped 

The feelings that bounds me up 

I can’t even imagine, the situation gets tougher 

Than I believed!!

Let me hold up!

I can’t even stand, 

My heart’s weeping 

My veins are ripping….. 

I felt so broken 

So much of pain…. 

I faced the show, but I want some fain!! 

I can’t stop,tears rolling out my heart 

I shouted so hard, felt like my vocal cord damaged!

I can’t say a word, everything just stopped 

Getting out of my sights,

So deep that felt like heaven 

It was once a happiness now a curse ! 

I dreamed so hard, but unfortunately it’s over!!!! 

Falls out 

I got it, now 

You stopped working, for

Themes of an colourful sights 

Mysteries that puzzled my life 

I know it’s not the same, 

It’s not the things, I dream of fame 

You were the one can’t stand out 

You behaved so gentle, now so wrong

You makes me blush 


Tears rolling out of my eyes 

I know forever is a fire 

The wax dissolves in bleeding heart

You thought of self 

I was dreaming of us…. 

I know it hurts 

But the truth is you falls out,

I can’t make you suffer 

I can’t make you love me 


The eyes that searched for me are changed 

The voice that asks for me is silent 

You don’t suffers anymore, 

I know you falls out!!! 

I know it brokes down 

I know it’s over 

But still 

I hold on 

Its over, but the hopes were high 

You promised of skies

I’m shattered down in pieces 

Yet I want you to stick them together 

I know you’re done 

But hold on, hold me I can’t move on 

I know you falls out!! 

But the feelings I get from you 

Is the only thing I want!!  


Tik Tok , Tik Tok….
The running car
The moving car
The Long wires, the connecting phones
sitting in home hearing all news…
The op-amp of people becoming Amplifiers..
we know many languages, all they write is C++
Yes, we are Engineers
But some issues in our integers ..
we keep integrating in numbers….
Yes, we are Engineers…….
we love our profession but we choose our passion..
we love machines , and we love emotions
our mind work like computer but our heart is a motherboard.
my headache was assignments
but my love were the crazy engineers of my life
My friends were my radiator, they were the transformers
we engineers are the surprise explosion box
we choose engineering, but never become engineer
Standing here disintegrating the four years,
moving as a flashbacks , staring at the pictures
i love you, Engineers my pals …
After remembering everything the best four years of my life
I just wana say………….

Happy Engineers Day

sincerely A poetic Engineerengineers


It was a new phase of life 

She was busy in her new college life  

with new people, and vibes

When she met he, 


 he was beloved thee 

He shows care 

That nobody shows to her ever… 

She got so much involved with him 

The love she wanted to fill 

That hollow place in her chest 

She took it for rest 

Years ago, she stop loving so 

She was a girl of fears 

Every sight of dark past were here

She stop loving because she was just so weak, 

The guy who was her childhood love, seek 

He was the one who lit up her life, 

Every Part of him she believes 

She thought of the future with him 

He thought of the future alone 

She falls, falls and falls 

His vanish vanish and vanished 

She loves hard 

He behaved hard!  

She cried, he left 

She misses, he moved on 

She suffered, he was enjoying 

She was busy in loving 

He was busy in ignoring 

She died, he dun get bothered 

And that night not only she died everyone who loves her Dies a little too!!!!!!!!! 

It’s over, he walk away…. 

She killed the pain!!!! 

Stuck between the Fairytale & Modern Fairytale 

We 90’s people are imaginary people 

I think about fairytale that 

Makes me dream about a Prince charming coming in white horse and fight to the world for me! 

One who push me to be at my best 

One who will shower me with love, 

One who take care for me,all the life rest, 

One who will panic with the thought of, losing me… 

One who will treat me like a princess allover the life… 


fight for me, to be his wife… 

He will not only surprise me with roses 

Will save me from world’s abuses!  

But than I realise 

The Prince was a Man of destruction 

One who love to destroy a flower 

Kindness he shows, destruction he covers 

The one who think 

He is superior he dun need Queen 

He is the man, all he seen 

Disrespects a woman, because he wasn’t a gentleman 

He wants her to be in her life, but not as a wife 

He wants her to respect him, even after so many Disrespects.

Caged she felt,

Nothing he left!  

Died desires, she burned in fires 

She can’t run, 

Because she webbed 

She can’t fun 

Because she begged!  

She dreamt of a fairytale 

But it was a modern fairytale….. 

Where, Kings just want talking dolls… 

Whom they keep as a, slave 

Demons inside them  pave…..

They will take control of your mind and heart 

Actually Emotional Abuse, love she felt

He will make you believe you’re the one he dream 

He is the one, who Gleams 

But a dark shadows of a hurricane!  

Darling you dreamt of a fairytale 

But he is the one will give you a touch of a modern fairytale!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

                                         Er Mukta Agrawal 


Dear Lovers,

It feels amazing to be in Love, to be into someone too much.

It feels good to feel special.

He/ She is amazing they brought the craziest surprises your favourite chocolates, the flowers the roses they love you so extreme that they can die for you.

If thou loves you, let it be nought for, satisfaction

just because you fulfil there needs ,demands, ego’s or a socially suitable title   doesn’t mean they love you

They want to show you off to the world, to the society they belongs this modern love doesn’t exactly feel like love.

The name you hear in stories






That was Love,

The fairy tale

no don’t feel insane hearing there names

I know you want her body not soul


she wants your money not home.

You both Kinda satisfying each others ego’s, class, needs

but let me tell you

this love won’t fill your deeds.

You might can’t sleep without each other, because he wants you to be present there physical.

He don’t need you in his days, where he spend quality time with his favourite people.

common honey ! I know you don’t want to be there with him too

because all you need is his Debit’s pin

So, Pathetic I see

Love means Soul, Heart Not Body

Love means relaxation not Physical needs

You feel Horny Seeing her half naked

Sexy ! you exclaimed

but did you ever Imagine her in wedding dress

did you ever stand with her in a church with rings

did you care for them when they were ILL


Ever asked “Did you eat, reached, or how you feel ??”

Do you both ever stands for Thick & Thins

Lust is something that can confuse you for being Love

Until it comes to the turn of sacrifices

will you able to love them still

So, Pathetic I feel……………..

Er Mukta Agrawallove lust



I try, 

I try 

I try 

Until I finish the tasks

The life requires 

I cry 

I cry 

I cry 

Until I finish happiness 

The life summarize, 

I fly 

I fly 

I fly 

Until my feathers 

Get tired of life!! 

I fought Until I finish 

My freedom fights 

I fought Until I finish

 crying for treasure 

I fought Until I finish 

Moving on! Atleast I tried 

Until I finish being 


                                          Er Mukta Agrawal